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Last week, I was doing the millennial parenting thing and tossed tablets at both of my kids while I finished up my weeks worth of work. When it was time to shut them off, I finally looked at what Mimi was watching... cooking videos on YouTube. YouTube isn't something I like the kids watching, but when she chooses cooking shows over those strange toy commercials (you know the ones, where kids watch someone else open a bunch of toys and play with them? They're weird but apparently popular.), I can't help but oblige her requests to learn to bake. Her current obsession is cupcakes. Elsa cupcakes, angry birds cupcakes, cupcakes with little bees on them... she wants to bake them all. So today, as promised, I told everyone I was booked up and went home to make cupcakes with my Mimi. 

Attempting to use more of what I already have, we scoured the cupboards for the necessary ingredients, and the internet for a recipe. I wasn't happy with any of the ones I found, so I pulled out a cookbook I was given for Christmas called Living Freely Gluten Free and we set to work. (For those who don't know, I've been Gluten Free/Dairy Free for over a year due to some health issues that removing these two items from my diet solved for me. This doesn't mean I never eat gluten or dairy... I do, but I know it will have consequences, LOL). I have to say though, these cupcakes were perfect when we were finished. Even Noni said she wouldn't have known they were GF/DF if she didn't know they came from my house. 

We made cupcakes. We made marshmallow fondant (surprisingly good shoulder workout). We made vegan buttercream frosting. We spent all afternoon baking, laughing and having a good time as a family (even though we sent Daddy & Gracie to the store to get dinner). Days like these, are the ones that refill my love for documentary photography. Even if I'm just taking pictures of half melted cupcakes. 

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2018 Shoot & Share Contest Review | 2017 Results The Shoot & Share Contest

Honestly, this is probably the biggest contest I'll ever enter. One because I'm lazy and two because it's a wonderful whirlwind to spice up a rather mundane month in the photography world. Let's be realistic. February is cold, dreary and really doesn't give us much (unless we're talking booty then there's boudoir and baby booties galore up in here!). 

In 2017 I entered on a whim, not expecting to get anywhere with my images. There are literally thousands of AMAZING photographers out there who blow my work out of the water. But out of 50 images entered.... I had one in the top 20%, one in the top 30% and one image that made it to round 6 (out of 12). That's definitely not bad for a first year. These three were those winning images. 


The anxiety of waiting for results is almost enough to drive a photographer insane. I'm not even sure anymore how far my images made it and won't have that info until at least March 19th. Tiffany entered a couple of images for Wink Wedding Collective as well as a few of her own. Fingers crossed, one of our Wink images made it to round 12 (we think there is one, but we can't be sure until the results are in!). Below are a few of my favorites that I entered into the 2018 contest.  Tiny Hands DetailTiny Hands Detail

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Grand Opening Sale-abration! | Tacoma Boudoir Photographer Tacoma Boudoir Photography from $49 until March 31st!

The opening of Wink studio has been a huge opportunity for me to really grow and expand my availability to all of you lovely guys and gals. To celebrate, I've put together a Grand Opening Deal that won't be around for long! 

Session Fee

$299 $79 on Saturdays/Sundays, $199 $49 on Wednesdays/Fridays

45 minute photography session
Unlimited outfit changes (within session time)
Two (2) 5x7 prints

Additional Prints & Products

Loose Prints
4x6: $10
5x7: $15
8x10: $20

8x8: $600
10x10: $800
12x12: $1000
11x14: $299
16x20: $499
20x30: $799
High Resolution
Digital Files

1-5 Digital Files: $325
10-15 Digital Files: $400
20+ Digital files: $500
9x6 Little Black Book: $550 "Oil Painted" Upgrade
(Prints or Canvas): $250

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A Date with Jessica Rabbit | Tacoma Boudoir Photography "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way" - Jessica Rabbit


It's not every day that you get to bring a celebrity into your studio, and lucky me, I have the ability to do it on the regular. Behold the amazing Carmie Cosplay as Ebony Jessica Rabbit. 

An avid Disney fan, I just adore anything and everything Disney themed. From weddings to newborns to boudoir shoots, I've enjoyed every Disney Theme there is. But this one was something else. Arriving straight from Toon Town USA, Ebony Jessica Rabbit is a bombshell to behold in everything.... and right down to her skivvies. Carmie really pulled this one off. Starting with the gorgeous purple gown, she put on a real show with her vocals. A woman of many talents, she can sing. 


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Celebrating Seniority | A 2018 Personal Project Here's to strong women. 
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.

When my Nana found out that I'd secured a studio in Tacoma, she asked to come model for me. While she may have very well been joking, I took her up on the chance to do what I'd so deeply regretted not asking to do before Papa died. I gave her a modern day portrait session. 

It got me thinking, why is it we don't take more photos of our grandparents? Do you have either a modern or classic portrait of your parents or grandparents? I have photos of birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and thankfully, my grandpa insisted on getting their photos done every anniversary. Just a 5 minute, simple portrait but those mean the world to me. 

We celebrate births with birth, fresh 48 and newborn photography. We celebrate first birthdays with cake smashes and portrait sessions. We celebrate kids growing up with school photos; graduation from high school with senior portraits; engagements, weddings, first anniversaries, women's empowerment. We celebrate all of these milestones over the course of our lives.... but when do we celebrate our seniors?

The truth is, we should celebrate them every single day. These are the men and women who raised us; who loved us at our worst and forgave our biggest mistakes. These are our parents and grandparents, the grandparents and great-grandparents of our children; the ones who gave us life, who picked us up when we fell down and sometimes the ones who laid there with us when we couldn't get back up. They deserve to be celebrated. 

Going forward, my goal is to photograph 2-3 seniors a month. If you know someone who would enjoy (or not) a short session to help with my personal project, please shoot a message to

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2018 Valentine's Minis Announcement Let me call you sweetheart, I'm in love with you....

I'm so excited that we can do these cute little setups now! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, what a perfect gift for Mom, Dad, or the Grandparents! I don't know about yours, but my parents are always asking for new photos of the grand kids. So get them dressed up and head into Wink Studio for a cutesy Valentine's Day mini session to show them you DO listen to your parents. ;) 

Valentine's Day Minis - $60

20 minute photography session
Two (2) 5x7 prints


Need ideas on what to wear?

Kids: Grab some cute Valentine's themed outfits, or even an adorable pair of Valentine's PJs! It seems the little ones get all the good cute outfits, so this should be a breeze! (And the perfect excuse to buy some new pjs for Junior.) Another option is similar to my kids pink and black "church" dresses. A little fancier but still perfect for these pink and red themed minis. 

Pre-Teens & Teens: The best options here are the classic jeans and Valentines or white tee combo. Pair them with a jean jacket or cute vest for a classy, yet age appropriate look. 

Moms & Dads: These are the hard ones! With so many amazing outfits, it can be hard to narrow down a look. If you have kiddos in graphic tees or super cutesy outfits, stick with neutral colors to balance out the cute and classic. 


Fine Print

Clients will receive a watermarked online gallery for proofing and selecting their images for the included prints. Payment is due at the time of booking. Appointments can be made through the online booking calendar and will take place at Wink Studio in Tacoma. If you have any questions, please email and your questions will be answered within 72 hours. 


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Wink Studio Grand Opening Almost ten years ago....

I was semi-unwillingly nominated to become the "official" Team Photographer for a Pop Warner Football team outside of Pacifica, California. Never in a million years did I dare to imagine that moment would take me this far. To tell the truth, I didn't want to believe that I could do this. I kept telling myself I wasn't ready, I didn't have the client base, I couldn't make it work. Then I met Tiffany, and she proved to be the other half of my brain. The part that says "You can do this. You will do this. You are doing this." So we made that leap. 

And now, we have opened a gorgeous studio, located in the heart of downtown Tacoma's Theater District. We're steps from Dorkys, Matador and Firemen's park. I'm pretty sure there isn't anywhere better for us to be. Ironic, my mom used to work in one of these buildings, quite possibly the same one our studio is located in! I haven't taken enough photos of the studio setup, but without further ado..... here are the few I have! 

Of course I had to include Tiffany in there too. ;) Watch for the announcement for the studio grand opening sale! 

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Welcome to 2018! Let's revisit 2017.... When one door closes, another opens. 

2017 was officially my craziest year yet. I would have to sit down and count how many different sessions I had, and that number is probably up over 100. Ain't nobody got time for that. But in the midst of all the crazy, I started to dream bigger. December rolled around, and the talk of securing an actual studio space quickly grew into a number one priority for Sashem Photography and I. But that's a post for another day. 


January was officially my slowest month. A few boudoir sessions, and an anniversary session pretty much summed up my entire month. A lot of dreaming was done during January, but not a whole lot of doing. This was also the month I met Tessa of The Chittle Homestead, and was honored to photograph her gorgeous DIY kitchen remodel for The Perpetual You. 


Another slow month, Tiffany and I tried to schedule a styled shoot that basically encompassed everything we loved. Weddings, Rock-n-Roll and Vintage thrift finds. Things fell apart at the last minute, but I was able to jump on the opportunity to join Lessie Blue Photography for an amazing wedding on the MV Skansonia. It was the start of a wonderful friendship and wedding season. 


Sashem Photography and I finally manage to get that styled shoot in, and it turns out marvelous! I'm incredibly stunned with how well our styles mesh and blend together, and we begin to dream of a wedding collective. 

April, May & June

Somewhere in here, wedding season starts. Things take off full speed ahead for my business and I'm busier than ever before. Almost every weekend I'm doing something either family related, or wedding related. 

July, August, & September

It doesn't stop. It doesn't slow down. It just keeps on trucking. By this point, Wink Wedding Collective has begun to take form and I'm scheduling winter mini sessions. We start looking a whole year out by this point and wonder how we're going to manage everything. Somewhere during this time, The Perpetual You launches it's print magazine, and I find myself falling in love with the whole collaboration, submitting photos to them left and right, and it brings me a new perspective on shooting for myself. 

The Rest of the Year

Things should have slowed down come October, but the truth is they didn't. Weddings continued right up until Christmas this year, concluding with the gorgeous Ben & Dagon at East King County Courthouse in Issaquah on December 22nd. Tiffany and I find a studio almost at the very last minute, and three years to the day I closed on my house, we got the call that we'd been approved to move into the studio. 

Somehow, we survived. And this year, while things are shifting for us, doors keep opening. Here's to 2018. 

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In Front of the Lens | A Lesson in Perfect Imperfection "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." - Alice Walker


Coming up with the words for this post is hard. I still struggle on a regular basis with loving myself and embracing my imperfections. If I tried, I could probably pick out half a dozen things in each of these photos that I dislike about them or myself. But I won't because that's not fair to the woman I am right now. 

A close friend said "I think we get so caught up in how we’d like to look that we forget to appreciate where we are right now. We can love our “now” even if we are working towards future goals. Also we are our own worst critics. Those who love us see our inner and outer’s important to capture is painfully short at times." It's an incredibly honest view on what happens when we step in front of the mirror.

But stepping in front of the camera is somehow freeing. It's an incredible gift to get to see how someone else views you, even for just a moment in time. It's a moment all to yourself, to embrace your beauty, confidence, sexuality. For a moment, you're not just a mother/wife/daughter. You're a siren, a bombshell, the most magnificent creature to grace the earth.

"Embrace the beautiful mess you are." - Elizabeth Gilbert 

After all. You were born to be real. 

Book your boudoir session today by visiting: Gimme A Wink Boudoir

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Our 2018 Photography Studio Wishes Dreaming of places I love.... 

It seems like there comes a time in every photographers "life" where they find they need a studio. This year, that time has come. Finding that perfectly beautiful white walled, well lit space is challenging. So Tiffany and I are hoping someone out there may be able to help. We've put together a short list of things we need our studio to have, and a longer list of things we'd love to have. 

Our Bare-Necessities:

  • 300 square feet. 
  • One large window
  • White walls (or permission to paint the walls white)
  • Utilities included
  • Located between Puyallup and Auburn, including the surrounding areas

Our Dream Studio List:

  • Walking distance to parks and urban backdrops
  • Private bathroom/dressing room
  • At least one naked brick wall
  • Internet included
  • Ability to mount backdrops to the wall
  • Ample Free Parking
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Puyallup location 

Do you know of a space that might suit our needs? Email: pretty please and let me know what you have! 

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A Magical Harry Potter Halloween Party Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. 
~ Professor Dumbledore

There is an entire generation of kids that were disappointed to learn of the world of Wizardry after their 11th birthday. I may have been one of them. (Ok. I probably was one of them). So when my girls and I were invited to our friends Harry Potter Party last October, I couldn't pass up the chance to go. 

Jayne put an amazing amount of thought into this party. From homemade butter beer to some pretty exquisite wands (I still have mine), there wasn't a detail overlooked. Invitations even hung above the chimney searching out the elusive Harry. I'm truly in love with the beautiful details she put into her decorations and food! 

The girls had a blast and still play with their (now broken and very Weasley-esque) wands. I really think that was the highlight of the night for those two. 

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Urban Mini Sessions at Foss Waterway Join me for coffee...

One day only this winter, Urban Mini Sessions! 

Sign Up below!


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Washington Winter Mini Sessions! They're back!! 

Last year's "Anytime Mini Sessions" were such a hit that I'm bringing them back as Mid-Week Minis! I'm thrilled to offer two different looks for these sessions, urban and rural. Taking advantage of our amazing shops on Sumner's Main Street, we can stroll into Craft 19 and grab some coffee before window shopping on our way to Heritage Park. For a more rural setting, we'll meet up near Mama Stortinis (on the Puyallup side of East Main/Traffic Avenue) and take advantage of the beautiful River Walk. 

Mid-Week Mini Sessions are $150+tax and include a 30 minute session, 10 image online gallery with digital downloads and print release at one of the two locations listed above. Sessions are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 pm, 4:40 pm and 5:20 pm. To get started, fill out the form below and I'll get back to you asap!!! 


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Gift your wife the experience of boudoir for Wife Appreciation Day When was the last time your wife was empowered? 

How many times do you come home at night and find your wife exhausted, hair in a messy bun, covered in child fluids and ready to completely collapse? But she's still cooking dinner, washing laundry, and cleaning up after the toddler for the 2183472343 time that day? It's a safe bet you still look at that woman and see the bombshell you married. I can promise you though, she probably doesn't feel like that same bombshell who wore those black stilettos, the mini skirt and that pretty lacy bra you love. 

Guys (and gals) it's time to pamper your wives. September 18th is Wife Appreciation Day and (even though you shouldn't need one) a perfect excuse to gift your wife an experience that will make her feel like she's 20 again. The Complete Boudoir Experience will leave her feeling sultry, sexy and empowered. She'll arrive about an hour before her session and receive a truly pampering experience that enhances her natural beauty, including hair and makeup services by my hand selected makeup artist. Once she's been fully pampered, she'll join me for a good hour choosing outfits that make her feel fabulous and having a good time. The end result will leave her feeling beautiful both inside and out. 

Purchase your wife a gift she'll thoroughly enjoy at and let her know you appreciate her. Even if it's not Wife Appreciation Day. 

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A Whimsical Waterfront Wedding in the woods at Tolmie State Park "In that still and settled place There's nobody but you." - That Still and Settled Place by Edward Monkton

It's not every day that you're able to get married the same day as the solar eclipse, and it's said that the day of the eclipse is a great day to start new things. Ashley and Joey chose to do just that and August 21st, 2017 was the perfect day for their marriage to begin. Marrying at Tolmie State Park provided a wonderful array of backdrops. The amphitheater was quiet and serene as their ceremony began, and their officiant drew a circle around them symbolizing their circle together.  I loved getting to take part in their wedding, and truly hope they enjoy their reception back home in Minnesota! Congratulations you two!!

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Sweet and Simple Romance at The Orting Manor "'I will forgive her skipping mind and her fondness for shopping,' thought the Dinosaur, 'for she fills our life with beautiful thoughts and wonderful surprises...'" - A Lovely Love Story by Edward Monkton

How many weddings have you attended where there is a dinosaur story nestled between "I do" and "You may kiss the bride"? My guess is, unless you were in attendance at Tarah and Bryan's wedding, probably zero. But that is exactly what happened during their ceremony. 

This wedding was incredibly sweet. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Tarah and Bryan shared their vows at the cozy Orting Manor, under a beautiful white chandelier hung from the arbor. From Tarah's beautiful dress with a layer of dusty rose tulle, to their choice of Disney songs for their Mother/Son ("Winnie the Pooh") and Father/Daughter ("You'll be in my heart") dances, every piece came together in to create a very unique wedding that was all their own. They even chose to forgo a traditional wedding cake and instead chose a 3 tier rice crispy treat cake. I am honored to have been able to witness their vows and wish Tarah and Bryan the very best in their marriage. 

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An Adorable Anniversary Session on Tacoma's Ruston Way Waterfront "There are a lot of people who call you by your name, but there is only one person who can make it so damn special." - Unknown

Jackie, my forever twinsie, has had life hand her lemons in the past, but on August 27th, 2016 she tossed those lemons back as she married the love of her life in a small backyard ceremony. Surrounded by their family and friends, they pledged their lives to each other. Scott has stepped up and proves to be amazing to both my twinsie and her two children. Of course, being that their first anniversary is soon, they needed anniversary photos to celebrate! We chose to include the kiddos and turned this sweet anniversary session into a fun and spontaneous family session. 

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A Killer Deal on Tacoma Winter Wedding Photography Budgeting is hard.

Believe me, I hear you! Budgeting for a wedding is even harder especially during times when you're trying to fulfill your frilly white dress dreams while still being an adult and paying your bills. Have no fear, there ARE ways you can save some moolah and still have your dream wedding. 

Schedule for the off season: 

October through April are typically "slow" months in the wedding industry and you can score some killer deals on your favorite vendors, attire and venues. For instance, if you're getting married between November 2017 and February 2018, you can rest assured your wedding photography is covered with my Winter Wedding Special. An awesome 6 hours of photography coverage gives you the biggest bang for your buck, with two photographers arriving right as your hair and makeup are finished (or meeting you at the venue) to capture those getting ready images and leaving after you've tossed that bouquet and begun to party hard. ;) You'll still get all the "busy season" goodies: A USB, Personal Print Rights, and approximately 1000 digital images to download and go to town with. Did I mention the killer discount? A $1500 package for $950! 

Other vendors, including the amazing Dawn Padgett of Seattle Bride Hair and Brittany Maxwell of Magical Moments by Maxwell, offer a discount on their services during the winter months. Seattle Bride Hair offers 15% off for wedding services during the winter months. Magical Moments by Maxwell offers a $200 discount on her day-of-coordination package. Many other vendors offer an amount or percentage off if you schedule during the off season. (You can contact either of them for exact details and to book!) 

A few other budgeting tips: 

  • Give yourself plenty of planning time and spread out payments as much as possible. It's easier to make monthly payments of $100 than it is a lump sum of $2400, even if you have the money. (Watching it leave the bank is painful if you're anything like me). 
  • Collaborate with other brides to reuse decor, flowers, etc. 
  • Go "crazy" and get married somewhere spontaneous that you won't need a venue, just be sure to check for required permits. 

Watch for the launch of Wink Wedding Collective in January 2018 as Markie Jones Photography, LLC joins forces with Sashem Photography to bring you the funnest wedding photography team in Washington! 

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A Sweet Maternity Session at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Sharks & Seals & Otters.... oh my!

Sometimes, in the middle of every day life, we run into one of "those" clients. The types who steal our hearts and instantly become one of our best friends. Craig and Amy are like that. I met Craig through a friend, and over the past year we've become good friends. When I asked them to join me in January at sunrise, it was not surprising at all that they got up at the butt-crack of dawn and drove all the way to Rattlesnake Lake just to appease my random crazy ideas. When they arrived, sweet Amy mentioned being tired, but they were going out for their anniversary. Shortly after, I found out why.... Amy was pregnant! 

Of course, they asked if we could do their maternity session at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, after seeing the awesome wedding photos from there earlier this summer. So a morning of chit chat, wandering the zoo and attracting attention as they danced in front of a large fish sculpture, made for some pretty unique and memorable moments. Soon we will be welcoming their baby girl, and wouldn't you believe.... they aren't the only ones counting down the days to baby snuggles. ;) This photographer is too. 

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An Exciting Sunday Wedding full of Color at Brookstom Creek "I fell in love like you fall asleep; slowly, and then all at once." - John Green

When I was called for Mari and Beau's July 30th wedding, there were only two weeks left to go. I didn't get the chance to get to know them like I usually do with my couples. But I knew these two were going to be wonderful when I arrived to find Beau looking handsome in a white and turquoise tux, all the tables adorned with beautiful bouquets, and her family members who welcomed me immediately. When Mari arrived, I headed in for getting ready photos. This was the first time I'd shot the bride getting ready in an RV, but it was incredible. Her dress was something straight out of my dreams. Three pieces (top, bottom and detachable train), each featured incredibly detailed rose appliques in several colors. The top alone was adorned with beautiful lace, white ribbon and the roses in purple, turquoise, blue, yellow and orange. Completing the look was her train, which stretched out 8-10 feet and also featured the gorgeous florals. 

The excitement of the day mounted the closer the ceremony got. Seeing Beau's face as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle was amazing. And these two are such fun. They were game for anything Lessie and I asked of them, including a piggyback ride and dancing alone in the middle of the field. I'm looking forward to seeing these two grow together and hope they will visit Brookstom Creek and myself in the future. 

Lessie of Lessie Blue Photography was an amazing teammate on Sunday and I look forward to many more wedding adventures with her in the future! 

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