Avoiding Wedding Day Disasters: Things to prepare the day before

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We've all heard the horror stories of things and people disappearing the day of the wedding. Some of these things cannot be avoided (like the groom disappearing to find his parents who've become lost in Seattle), but others, like the Groom who ran out of gas on his way to the church in 1980, or the bride who forgot all her jewelry at home in 2007, are easy to plan for. Little things done the night before can reduce the chances of wedding day disasters.

The bride created greenery with hand picked florals from her mother's garden. DIY Greenery & Florals For the Bride
Prepare your wedding day attire the night before, and set it next to your front door. A quick list of items to prep:

  • Jewelry: If you don't have a jewelry roll or pouch, place necklaces & rings in plastic baggies with the necklace clasp hanging out and grab a small piece of cardboard to stick your earrings through. Put them all together in your makeup bag or a pocket in your day bag.
  • Shoes: place these in a pillow case, and wrap them with their tops together to take up the least amount of space while keeping them clean from any makeup spills.
  • Undergarments: Self explanatory.
  • Extra clothes: If you're having professional makeup and/or hair done, be sure to bring or wear a bra with a clasp so you won't need to pull it over your head. A button down shirt is a great choice too.
  • Grooming Extras: Tweezers, razors, etc. Just in case of a random hairy situation.
  • Makeup bag: Even if you're having professional makeup done, be sure to bring your own lipstick so you can refresh it throughout the day. If you're doing your own makeup, be sure to bring setting spray, waterproof mascara, lipstick, blush, foundation, eye shadow and all of your brushes you'll need.
  • Hair piece & Styling accessories: If you're doing your own hair, be sure to pack your styling accessories, such as curling iron, flat iron or wand, and hair spray/pomade. Don't forget any clips you'll need for styling and your hair piece or veil!
  • Snacks: The wedding day will fly by, so be prepared to forget to eat. Toss your favorite power snacks in your bag so you always have something to munch on. My favorite Power Ball Energy Bites are from Bless This Mess. I practically lived on these last summer during busy season.
  • Your Dress: This is likely the most important piece of your attire, as not many brides want to walk down the aisle in their skivvies. Hang that dress on a heavy duty hanger, in it's bag and place it where you can easily see it on your way out the door.

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It's likely you're a bit more low maintenance, but here are the things you'll want to have set aside:

  • Shoes: It's possible you'll still have these in the box, so keep them there but toss in a cleaning cloth with them to wipe off any scuffs.
  • "Jewelry": Place your watch, cuff links, rings, and any other items into a plastic bag, and tuck these into your shoes so they don't get lost.
  • Socks: Tuck your socks inside the other shoe to keep them in one place.
  • Undergarments: Self explanatory. These can be tucked in with your shoes as well.
  • Grooming kit: Bring tweezers, razors, a brush, lint roller and anything else you might need to complete your grooming for the day.
  • Tux/Suit: Don't forget your tux or suit! Hang it by the door where you can grab it on your way out.

A bride gets her makeup done professionally by Seattle Bride Hair, Dawn PadgettBride gets beautiful Other items
These are sometimes overlooked items that should definitely be taken care of the day before:

  • Fill the car(s) with gas. No one wants to be stranded and waiting on AAA when trying to get to their wedding venue.
  • Double check with your vendors for arrival times, or check in with your wedding coordinator if you have one.
  • EAT, DRINK, SLEEP! Remember to take care of yourself and don't get too carried away making last minute plans.
  • Finally, relax. Tomorrow is your big day and you're going to shine!


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