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It's your day....

In ten years you won't remember me... you won't remember if my hair was purple or pink. If I showed up wearing some crazy leopard print dress (I probably did). Because I'll be invisible for the most part. I'll come and go, capturing details and smiles from your wedding party and guests. Chances are you won't even notice if I'm there. 

In ten years, you'll want to be able to look back. Maybe you'll remember by pulling an album off the shelf or a box that's chalk full of images you had printed. And then... you will remember is the way your new spouse looked at you. The emotions you felt as you walked down the aisle. You'll remember your family, your friends and those other estranged relatives that come out of the woodwork for milestone events. You'll remember the tears your father cried, the only tears you've ever seen him shed. And the way your grandparents danced like no one was watching. The couples who undoubtedly leave weddings more in love than before, because your love is contagious. You'll sort through images and remember those things, those moments, and those emotions. Maybe you'll be showing the images to your kids. I'll bet your very favorite image will still be displayed on your living room wall. 


How does it work?

I love spending time getting to know my clients during their planning process, by keeping in contact via emails, an exclusive brides group and brides are welcome to text me as well! I'm there to assist with timeline creation, bounce ideas off of and help create a plan to get the most out of your photography package. Well before your wedding day, there will be a carefully created plan in place. 

On the day of your wedding, I'll arrive 15 to 20 minutes before our scheduled start time, to get settled in. This little bit of time allows me to make minor adjustments to camera settings and make sure everything is perfect! Whether you'd like to start with prep photos or you want to begin the moment you put on your dress, I'll be there and ready to start right on time. I'll shoot the quick details (rings, jewelry, dress, etc.) and photograph you getting into your dress. From there, I'll head to meet with the groom & groomsmen for those quick detail & prep shots, then we'll make our way to your first look. 

If you've chosen to have a first look, myself or my second will set your groom up in a perfect location where we can see you over his shoulder as you approach him from behind. You'll tap him on the shoulder and watch the magic as he turns around to smile at you. 

At this point, you'll be free to spend some time with your hunny, squeeze in those family formals, or just hang with your tribe. I'll move around, getting those in between shots. If you've chosen to save or skip family formals, I'll head off to get those detail shots of your reception and ceremony spaces. (This is where it's super handy if you've chosen the collections that include a second photographer, as they can get these details while I photograph the fun you're having). 

Your ceremony will fly by, and that first kiss will be magical. 

You'll have the chance to take about 15-20 minutes to enjoy your first moments as husband and wife. I am able to spend these with you, quietly, and capturing these memories. This gives your guests time to move into the reception area before you head back to join the party. The rest of the night will fly by quickly. I'll photograph all the fun, including any special activities you choose to have. (Seriously, check out a smores bar. They're irresistible.)

When the time comes for you to leave, or my time ends at your wedding, I'll be sure to double check with you before leaving to make sure you're satisfied with what I've covered. Then, I'll head home to backup and download all the images from your wedding day. 

After the wedding....

While you jet off on your honeymoon, I'll cull through hundreds of photos, picking the best of the best and trashing anything that resembles those leaked Beyonce at the 2012 Super Bowl images. If you've selected to allow sneak peeks, you'll see these go up. Within 4-6 weeks, you'll receive a gallery link to view your wedding photos and instructions for downloading them while you wait for your USB and products. If you've selected an album, a preliminary design will be sent to you as well with the option to add/remove/change photos in the layouts! 

But the best part? You're a #TeamMJBride for life. You can opt in to receive emails and are welcome to stay in the group for life. I love seeing where my brides lives head and keeping in touch. 

Ready to book?

I would love to customize a wedding package unique to you.

I firmly believe your wedding photography should start way before you wake up on your wedding day. You should have the chance to meet your photographer in person at least twice, and allow them to get to know you! I love spending time with my clients and learning what is truly important to them. 

I was born right here in the Pacific Northwest and love to photographing weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest. Adventures are my jive. Ready to contact me?

Email: | Call/Text: 253-778-9525