Markie Jones Photography, LLC | Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Fall is the perfect time for lifestyle sessions.

School has started back up and you're already starting to dream of that first school vacation. Well, your kids probably are. You may not be. Because School Breaks = Holidays and Holidays = Money and Christmas Cards and Playing Santa and and and.... 

You catch my drift. This is the busy season. Before you know it, December will be here. So, let's jump ahead of that crazy holiday train and get your lifestyle session on the books while the leaves are changing and before the gorgeous fall colors get eaten by Jack Frost. 

"But Markie, my family does sports and scouts and there's meetings and we're just way too busy." 

I get it. Believe me, I do. With Mimi in first grade (Wait, when did that happen?) and both girls doing gymnastics, we are always on the go. The beauty of lifestyle sessions is they can take place local to you. I'll travel the I-5 corridor between Lynnwood and Maytown (just south of Tumwater) for no additional charges. Outside of that area, it's a measly $20.00 per hour. I'll meet you, we'll shoot really fast (I'm a super fast shooter) and then you'll be on your way to the next football game. 

"But Markie, I want nice posed studio shots for our Christmas Cards."

Totally doable. I have a portable backdrop stand, a backdrop and lighting. I can easily come to your home and photograph your family studio style. Want a mix of studio and outdoors? Let's just go setup the backdrop stand outdoors, then we can shoot both. 

"But Markie, I don't know where/how/what to print my images with!"

I've got you covered there too. Need custom Christmas Cards? I have a designer that can do those. Need 5x7 prints to send to all your relatives? Yep. I can do those as well! Want to print the images yourself? Digital downloads for the win baby! You can take those wherever you'd like! I highly suggest or Artifact Uprising for prints and products. 

Lifestyle sessions start at $250